Europa League Final – Atleti vs Fulham – 12 Mayo 19:45

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Atletico de Madrid (España) vs Fulham (Inglaterra) – First Europa League Final in Hamburg
12 Mayo, 2010. 19.45
Come and watch it with us @ The Plum Tree

54 Farringdon St (Under the Holborn Viaduct) - map
Call us for reserved areas: 07931733841

  • Spanish music since 18.30 and after the game.
  • 6 plasma tvs to watch the final. Spanish and English music.
  • Confiamos en celebrar la primera victoria futbolística Española de la temporada

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    septiembre 26th, 2015 on 9:38 am

    Dear Saya Tay,My name is Raymond (Wed + Thurs) and my last name is Wei (Sur name). I was born on Monday. Should I assume my name as in Ray Wei – statrs with Wed and ends with Wed or Raymond – statrs with Wed and ends with Thurs ? If i don’t use Wei, then my name is not good for me Saya. Please help me.