España – Italia Miércoles 10 Agosto

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El Ryan’s y la Roja, todos a una! La Roja disputará el próximo miércoles frente a Italia un partido Amistoso. El encuentro se disputará en Bari, la localidad en la que nació Thiago hace 20 años.

No te lo pierdas, partidazo al canto!



If you want to watch the football games in the City of London, El Ryan’s arrange everything for an unforgettable “football from the pub” night:

  • 6 Screens + 1 big projector + Massive screen outside.
  • Comercial Music before and after the games (perfect for celebrations).
  • Both The Mustard floors for football only.
  • Spanish Food Menu, kitchen open until games are over.

For Bookings, send an email to

Where? Come and watch it with us @ The Mustard

Mustard Bar, 2 Old Change Court,
Peters Hill, St Pauls, London, EC4M 8EN – map
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Nos vemos en el bar

David y Mangel

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