Watch Rugby World Cup 2011 in London

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Come and Watch the Rugby World Cup at the Mustard, Live from New Zealand.

Starting the 9th of September and until the final (23rd of October) we will be showing every game. Find the Match Schedule in this link

Special Matches:

8th of October

  • 6.00 Ireland vs Wales
  • 8.30 England vs France

9th of October

  • 6.00 Southafrica vs Australia
  • 8.30 All Blacks vs Argentina
  • 10th of September – 9:30am – Argentina vs England
  • 11th of September – 07.00am – Irland vs USA

Facilities include:

  • All matches will be recorded and replayed from 12am
  • 1 Large 2.2sq outside screen
  • 7 Internal Plasma Screens
  • Breakfast will be available
  • VIP Area

Book NOW! If you want to watch the rugby games in the City of London, El Ryan’s arrange everything for an unforgettable “rugby from the pub” event

For Bookings, send an email to

Where? Come and watch it with us @ The Mustard

Mustard Bar, 2 Old Change Court,
Peters Hill, St Pauls, London, EC4M 8EN – map

Nos vemos en el bar

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  • SarThiyka

    septiembre 26th, 2015 on 10:04 am

    If I won, I’d be the girl in a pair of Ralph Lauren denims, a navy blue rugby t-shirt, with a linen jecakt thrown over her shoulder, ready for any summer adventure. I’d roll up my jeans and show that I can run with the best of the boys in my Rugby-striped halter top. At the end of the day, I’d put on a striped linen vest and walk into the new seafood spot down by the pier I’ve been eying since the start of the summer. I order the clams and before the waiter can bring out the fancy utensils, I pull out my Ralph Lauren swiss army knife (because a girl should be ready for anything), quickly open each clam, and begins eating. My friends laugh at my hungry display – and I laugh with them. After all, the adventurous ones were never known for formality! I’m a Ralph Lauren rugby kind of girl :)