Sports Week 18th –24th of September

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Another important week ahead… this time mainly because Champions League (actually our favorite competition) is starting…

Tuesday, 18th of September Champions League

  • 19.45 Real Madrid vs Manchester City
  • 19.45 Montpellier vs Arsenal
  • 19.45 Milan vs Anderletch

Wednesday, 19th of September

  • 19.45 FC Barcelona vs Spartak Moskowa
  • 19.45 Valencia vs Bayern Munchen
  • 19.45 Manchester Utd vs Galatasaray

Thursday, 20th of September

  • 18.00 Maritimo vs Newcastle
  • 18.00 Young Boys vs Liverpool
  • 18.00 Hapoel Tel Aviv vs Atletico de Madrid
  • 20.00 Athletic Bilbao vs H. Kiryat
  • 20.00 Spurs vs Lazio
  • 20.00 Inter Milan vs Rubin Kazan

Friday, 21st of September

  • 19.35 Rugby Glassgow vs Connacht (no sound)
  • 19.35 Nuremberg vs Frankfurt

Saturday, 22nd of September

  • 12.45 Swansea vs Everton EPL
  • 15.00 Zaragoza vs Osasuna La Liga
  • 15.30 Rugby Gloucester Warriors vs London Wapsh
  • 17.00 Celta vs Getafe La Liga
  • 17.30 Rugby Leicester vs Harlequins EPL
  • 19.00 Betis vs Espanyol La liga
  • 20.00 Rugby Munster vs Dragons
  • 21.00 FC Barcelona vs Granada La liga

Sunday, 23rd of September

  • 13.00 Formula 1 Singapore GP
  • 13.30 Liverpool vs Manchester Utd.
  • 14.15 Rugby Exeter Chiefs vs Saracens
  • 15.00 Levante vs Real Sociedad ( 1half)
  • 16.00 Arsenal vs Manchester city
  • 16.00 Spurs vs QPR (1half)
  • 17.00 Atletico de Madrid vs Valladolid
  • 18.50 Athletic Bilbao vs Malaga
  • 20.30 Rayo Vallecano vs Real Madrid La liga

Monday, 24th of September

  • 20.30 Deportivo vs Sevilla La liga

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  • Daniel

    septiembre 26th, 2015 on 10:01 am

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