Sports Week 19th-25th November

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Sports non STOP!

Monday 19th of November
  • 20.00 West Ham Utd vs Stoke City
  • 20.30 Real Sociedad vs Rayo Vallecano
Tuesday 20th of November
  • 17.00 Spartak Moscow vs FC Barcelona
  • 19.45 Valencia vs Bayern Munchen
  • 19.45 Juventus vs Chelsea
  • 19.45 Galatasaray Man Utd
  • 19.45 Benfica vs Celtic
Wednesday, 21st of November
  • 17.00 Zenit vs Malaga
  • 19.45 manchester City vs Real Madrid
  • 19.45 Arsenal vs Montpellier
  • 19.45 Ajax vs Borusia Dortmund

Thursday 22nd of November

  • 17.00 Anzhi vs Udinesse
  • 18.00 Hannover vs Tweente
  • 18.00 Lazio vs Spurs
  • 20.05 At Madrid vs Hapoel
  • 20.05 Liverpool vs Young Boys
  • 20.05 Newcastle vs Maritimo

Friday 23rd of November

  • 19.30 Fortuna Dusserldorf vs Hamburgh

Saturday, 24th of November

  • 12.45 Sunderland vs West Brom
  • 14.00 Rugby Italy vs Australia
  • 14.00 Rugby Ireland vs Argentina
  • 14.30 Rugby England vs South Africa
  • 17.00 Valladolid vs Granada
  • 17.15 Rugby Wales vs All Blacks
  • 17.30 Aston Villa vs Arsenal
  • 19.00 Malaga vs Valencia
  • 21.00 Betis vs Real Madrid

Sunday 25th of November

  • 13.30 Swansea vs Liverpool
  • 16.00 Chelsea vs Man City
  • 16.00 Athletic Club vs Deportivo
  • 16.00 Formula I – Brazil GP
  • 18.00 Atletico de Madrid vs Sevilla
  • 20.00 Levante vs FC Barcelona

For Bookings, send an email to

Where? Come and watch it with us @ Yager (old Mustard Bar)
Yager, 2 Old Change Court,
Peters Hill, St Pauls, London, EC4M 8EN – map

More info: El Ryan’s (fb) or subscribe to clicking here

Thank you very much,

Mangel & David

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