Sports Fixtures 11th-17th March 2013

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Sport fixtures. Do not miss any game.

Tuesday 12th

  • 7.45 pm FCBarcelona vs AC Milan – Champions League
  • 7.45 pm Schalke 04-Galatasaray – Champions League

Wednesday 13th

  • 7.45 pm Bayern vs Arsenal – Champions League
  • 7.45 pm Malaga vs Port – Champions League

Thrusday 14th

  • 5.00 pm Zenit vs Basel – UEFA League
  • 5.00 pm Rubin Kazan vs levante – UEFA League
  • 6.00 pm Inter vs Spurs – UEFA League
  • 8.00 pm Chelsea vs St Bucharest – UEFA League
  • 8.00 pm Newcastle vs Anzhi – UEFA League

Saturday, 16th

  • 12.45 Everton vs Man City – EPL
  • 2.30 pm Rugby Ittaly vs Ireland – VI Nations
  • 5.00 pm Wales vs England – VI Nations
  • 5.00 pm Getafe vs Athletic Club – La Liga
  • 5.30 pm Man Utvs vs Reading – EPL
  • 7.00 pm RMadrid vs Mallorca – La liga
  • 7.45 pm Bologna vs Juventus – serie a
  • 8.00 pm France vs Scotland – VI Nations
  • 9.00 pm Valencia vs Betis – La Liga

Sunday, 17th

  • 01.30 pm Sunderland vs Norwich – EPL
  • 01.30 pm AZ Akmaar vs Ajax – Erevise
  • 01.30 pm AC Milan vs Palermo – Serie A
  • 4.00 pm Wigan vs Newcastle – EPL
  • 4.30 pm B.Moenchengladbach vs Hannover – Bundesliga
  • 6.00 pm Osasuna vs At Madrid – La Liga
  • 8.00 pm FC Barcelona vs Rayo Vallecano – La Liga
  • 8.00 pm Granada vs Levante – La Liga

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